LEA-LQ - L0181 Ensaios
Water analyses, and noise and acoustic testing; Environment and health and safety at work

The ABIMOTA Chemical Testing Laboratory (LEA - LQ), which occupies an area of 140 m², performs water analyses, and noise and acoustic testing. It also performs tests in the areas of environment and health and safety at work.


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Principal services


  • determination of ambient and industrial noise;
  • physical and chemical analyses of waste water;
  • measurement of pH, conductivity and density of liquids;
  • temperature in solids, liquids and gases;
  • determination of contaminants in the workplace;
  • determination of illumination in the workplace;


Services in the following areas:

  • environment;
  • health and safety.


Principal Equipment

  • Sound level meter;
  • Sound source;
  • Omnidirectional source;
  • Percussion machine;
  • Atomic absorption spectrophotometer;
  • Molecular absorption spectrophotometer;
  • Muffle kiln;
  • pH meter;
  • Conductivimeter;
  • Gas chromatograph;
  • Digestion system;
  • Distillation system;
  • Rotary evaporator;
  • Immersion thermostat;
  • Refractometer;
  • Analytical balance;
  • Centrifuge;
  • Portable VOC analyser;
  • Portable gas analyser;
  • Portable particle analyser;
  • Portable metals analyser;
  • Incubator