LEA-LE - L0179 Ensaios
Determine the mechanical characteristics of materials; reception and selection of raw materials

The ABIMOTA Materials Testing Laboratory (LEA -LE), which occupies an area of 70 m², performs tests to determine the mechanical characteristics of materials, in particular in the reception and selection of raw materials, and determine the chemical composition of metal alloys.


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Principal Services


  • tension / compression / bending / cyclical;
  • hardness: Rockwell / Brinell / Vickers;
  • determination of forces: tension / compression / torsion;
  • determination of breaking load;
  • determination of the chemical composition in alloys of iron, aluminium and zinc;
  • determination of the thickness of the hardened surface layer;
  • macrographic and micrographic analysis;
  • microhardness.


Principal Equipment

  • Mechanical testing machine;
  • Universal hardness tester;
  • Optical emission spectrometer;
  • Microhardness testing instrument;
  • Inverted metallographic microscope.